Marketing a Bed & Breakfast Online

Every industry has some level of competition. The Bed and Breakfast industry is no different. Based on this principle, a business in this industry has to be aggressive with their marketing tactics. One of the greatest resources they have for being able to do this is the internet. It is important on many different levels.

Building the Brand

Each B&B is a business on its own and should be recognized as such. For a business to stand out among the rest, a well built and well marketed website is instrumental.


A modern day Bed and Breakfast has to use all of the tools on hand to allow them to operate efficiently. A website can help with this too. It can be used as a booking platform for taking reservations and accepting payments.

The more the B&B utilizes their website the more important it becomes. It also becomes a vessel of information. All of the data of the clientele can be stored here. Having this type of resource now raises the issues of security. A fully operating B&B has to be security tested. There are different ways for testing a site’s security, among them which will prevent it from being hacked or infiltrated in any way. The information contained on the site may be comprised of names and addresses of clients. Plus, it may hold some of their financial information such as their credit card information. This all needs to be protected.

While the website is a great time saver and a marketing tool it creates some extra work, which can be minimal if done on a regular basis. That extra work is the maintenance of the website. A website that is not kept up to date can become vulnerable. When it does then it becomes easier for even novice hackers to get into the site and steal information or at the very least disrupt the functionality of the site.