How To Start a B&B in the UK

If you are entrepreneur, or you would like to be, it may be difficult for you to decide where to start. One industry worth pursuing is the hospitality industries. B&Bs are gaining popularity amongst travelers throughout the UK.

All it takes is the proper parcel of land with a nice house that has some extra rooms and one has the makings of a B&B. Most often it will require some remodeling of the home to get it to where it can nicely accommodate guests.

A few extra bedrooms

Just two extra bedrooms is enough to make a home into a bed and breakfast when it comes to meeting the sleeping requirements. The rooms need to be large enough to accommodate the necessary furniture. But, they don’t have to be huge. Guests normally only use the room for sleeping. The rest of the time spent at the B&B is usually roaming the outdoors or enjoying the common areas.

The Bathrooms

The number of bathrooms needed will depend on the number of guests that the B&B is going to accommodate. There are some options here where the establishment could have one or two powder rooms. All it would need to contain is the toilet and the sink. Then there could be one main bathroom for guests for showering and bathing.

The Dining Room

One of the important aspects about the B&Bs is the wonderful breakfasts that they serve, homemade and unque. It is the first meal of the day and the one that sets visitors on their way. The dining room must be big enough to accommodate all the guests at one time. They need plenty of elbow room at the table to enjoy the meal that is going to be offered to them.

The Kitchen

The kitchen must be modern and well equipped. Although guests do not use this part of the house it will be the hub of activity for the B&B operators and will help you to keep things organized.

Aside from this there must be some warm inviting common areas both indoors and outdoors.