Luxury Camping in the UK

Visitors to the UK have many different options when it comes to choosing types of accommodation. One that lately has become increasingly common and which many people may find exciting is luxury camping, better known as glamping.

Glamping is all about sleeping in the great outdoors but in the shelter of luxury tents that are loaded with all of the small components that will turn regular, shabby camping into a luxury experience. Tents often used for this purpose are bell tents. They are large and spacious with plenty of headroom. They can house a big double bed where you can lie down and still enjoy the wonderful fresh air of the UK from the comfort of a nice bed.

People that step into these luxury tents are often hard-pressed to remember that they have actually entered the interior of a tent. The furnishing usually is key in setting the scene. Some of the Bed and Breakfasts now offer this as another form of accommodation and it has proven to be very popular. The larger tents can easily accommodate a family of four. The bathrooms are usually in the main house but the tents are close by to the dwelling so this poses no inconvenience whatsoever. To add to the cozy camping feeling, guests may also sit by a campfire in the evening and embrace the outdoor life.

Glamping in the UK can definitely be a pleasurable experience for everyone, even for those who are not too keen on spending a night in the outdoors. For children glamping can prove to be an adventurous way to spend a comfortable, family vacation abroad.

This type of luxury camping adds extra fun and comfort for the vacationers. Glamping in the UK can be a part of the adventure that you or your family need.